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With line of sight of external factors influencing business outcomes, together with strategic, operational and financial information, develop strategies that keep you ahead of the curve


Clarity Of Purpose

Sustain execution through integrated business management suite of solutions

Track, report and manage strategic, operational, project, and individual performance through end-to-end management and reporting systems. Easy to use, intuitive and assistive, StratXe ensures clarity of purpose and focus in execution


We all want our businesses to grow, our companies to prosper and endure, and we want reward and recognition for our individual achievements. It’s all quite straightforward... until it isn’t. Sustaining success, now and into the future, requires more than just luck and maintaining the status quo. To be successful in our rapidly evolving, and globally connected world, there must be clarity of purpose and focus in execution.

In a context of rapid change, with new business models disrupting the old - nothing is certain. To succeed, we must understand the context and the changes it brings so that we can benefit from it. This is at the heart of good strategy. Good strategy can be the difference between sustaining success or succumbing to failure.

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A great idea is not uncommon. Unfulfilled, however, it remains just that - an abstraction. Likewise, strategy on its own is somewhat meaningless. It is through the co-ordinated efforts of all within an organization that the desired outcomes of the strategy become real. Strategy comes to life through its execution.

Yet many organizations struggle to execute their strategy. Culture plays a part; but more often than not, the effort required to align departments and individuals to a corporate strategy is far too cumbersome, resulting in misalignment and fragmentation within an organization. This is now changing. The context for which strategy is being developed and implemented is changing. Digitisation is simplifying what was once complex. Digitisation is bringing life to strategy.

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Strategy, and its execution, is only one part of an organization. It is the people, the internal structures, the systems and processes that make it all work. These relationships can become complex, more so as organizations scale. In many instances this results in misalignment and disconnect between leadership and staff, departments and teams.

As companies evolve through new business and operating models, these effects grow more pronounced - ultimately embedding itself in a culture that becomes unconducive to creating value. Getting it all working together, and working well, is a key enabler in the overall success of your business. Enabling the organization through both people and technology is where the real opportunity resides in closing the strategy-execution gap.

A clear blueprint for the strategic direction of your organization is the first step; communicating and focusing the organizations effort to realising that blueprint is the real journey you take.

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67% of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution

“StratXe has revolutionized our consulting business, by streamlining our workflows and enhancing client satisfaction. Its intuitive interface and powerful features have become indispensable to our operations.”

Hasnayn Ebrahim

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management

Feel the satisfaction of seeing your projects completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards

Discover the ultimate solution for project management with Stratxe's Projects Module. Designed to streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration, our Projects Module empowers teams to achieve more together. From initial planning to final delivery, take control of your projects with efficiency and precision.Streamline your project execution from inception to completion, ensuring every project aligns with your strategic goals and delivers measurable results.

Projects Module
Manage all aspects of your projects, including resource allocation, financial planning, work breakdown structures, and task assignments.
Structure Module
Create clear job descriptions, profiles, and organizational structures to support project delivery.
Stakeholders Module
Map and manage stakeholder interactions to ensure all parties are engaged and informed throughout the project lifecycle.
Resource Allocation
Optimise the use of your resources for maximum efficiency.
Financial Planning
Keep projects on budget with detailed financial management tools.
Stakeholder Engagement
Ensure continuous communication and collaboration with key stakeholders.

Tailored for businesses
at all stages

StratXe supports businesses of any size and industry, scaling seamlessly as they grow


At the heart of every successful organisation is a well-defined & executed strategy...

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Designed to support businesses at every stage of their development...

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Comprehensive suite of management tools designed to cater to a wide range of businesses...

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Strategy Development and Execution

Experience the confidence and clarity that comes from a well-defined and executed strategy, knowing every decision aligns with your ultimate goals

Strategy Module

Utilize AI-driven insights and strategic frameworks like SWOT and PESTEL to develop, execute, and monitor your corporate strategy.

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Operations Module

Ensure daily business activities are aligned with strategic objectives, creating a cohesive and integrated approach to achieving your goals.

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Performance Module

Real-time data and analytics provide continuous feedback, enabling you to track progress and make informed adjustments to stay on course.

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AI-driven Insights

Get market insights and competitive intelligence on demand.

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Strategic Frameworks

Use pre-built tools like SWOT, PESTEL, and Balanced Scorecard.

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Real-time Monitoring

Track strategic initiatives with up-to-date performance data.

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Formulate and execute corporate strategies using AI-driven tools and strategic frameworks for clear goal alignment.

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Develop an organized framework with clear job roles, reporting lines, and approval processes to enhance organizational clarity.

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Measure and monitor organizational and individual performance with real-time data and analytics to drive continuous improvement.

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Manage and develop individual employee performance by linking personal goals with organizational targets.

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Oversee comprehensive project management from inception to completion, ensuring resources, timelines, and objectives are met.

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Engage and manage key stakeholders effectively, integrating their needs and feedback into strategic and operational planning.

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Human Capital Development

Experience the joy of seeing your team grow, develop, and achieve their full potential

Empower your workforce by linking individual goals with organizational objectives, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and high performance

Individual Module

Manage time and attendance, resource allocation, performance development plans, and individual performance metrics.

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Structure Module

Develop comprehensive job descriptions, profiles, and an organizational structure that supports employee growth.

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Performance Module

Align individual performance with organizational goals, providing clear accountability and measurable outcomes.

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Performance Development Plans

Tailor personal growth plans to align with company goals.

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Job Descriptions and Profiles

Define roles clearly to enhance recruitment and development.

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Integrated HR Management

Link individual performance to overall organizational success.

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95% of employees
do not understand their organization's strategy

stratXe is
strategy realised

We help you better manage your business - managing your people, allocating your resources, managing performance and strategy set-up and monitoring.

We incorporate various methodologies such as OKR’s and balanced scorecards through various ways such as agile project management, to give you the edge in developing and implementing your strategic vision.