Backed by over 80 years of experience

Our vision for StratXE is simple. We aim to simplify strategy, making it visible, accessible and manageable.Partner up with StratXE and breathe life into strategy.


Ideal for Small and Micro business coaches and advisors, speakers, influences and thought leaders.


Ideal for advisors and consultants in Strategy and HR, coaching companies and independent management consultants.


Ideal for Independent Software resellers who offer a host of other software services and require a set of strategic business offerings.


Ideal for established management consultancies who provide strategic formulation and strategic execution services to an established client base.


Grow Annuity Revenue

Grow revenues both directly and indirectly. Earn commissions from sales, and sell additional services to your clients. Earn % commissions on introductions and full sales that you conduct. Sell additional value add services if you join our partner program. Create recurring revenue for your business. Use software as your lead-in to new clients.


Drive Customer Success

Facilitate a renewed sense of focus around your clients strategy. Engage C-level decision makers. Breathe life into strategy using StratXE. Standardise reporting and measurement of targets. Improve strategy execution for your clients by making the strategy accessible. Ease accountability and track progress.


Increase Customer Retention

Ensure customers conduct frequent strategic reviews. Improve your value by enabling affordable strategy execution throughout customer businesses with StratXE. Tie yourself into your customer long-term with a value add strategic software offering. Bundle multiple services to your customer with one sale.

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